The Mayan Red cultivar dates back to the original Mayan trees, genetically unique to Honduras. The original "mother trees" were found on remote farms in the northern coastal jungle.

Its tasting notes are a complex and distinct blend of dark raisins, fruit and honey. 

From Xoco’s mother-tree farm in the El Tuma/La Dalia area in Nicaragua


The Tuma variety was identified in 2007 at Xoco’s mother tree farm in Northern Nicaragua. We originally named it after our neighbour, Chuno Herrera, but later we improved the selection and changed the name to Tuma which is the general region where the original cocoa comes from. The fruit is green but turns yellow when it matures. Many of the mother trees are over 50 years old.

According to geneticists, the variety may be related to the original Royal Cocoa of Nicaragua and the Venezuelan Porcelana.

It has an intense cocoa flavour with light citrus-like fruit, and with hints of nuts, floral notes and plenty of oil.