FAIR AND direct trade

Starting a rebellion against tasteless, commodified cocoa...

The Xoco project produces the world’s best flavoured beans, while helping farmers to climb out of poverty. Xoco is the first company in the world to focus on flavour and on paying farmers a price that is right. The beans are grown by small farmers in small communities, and will propel many out of poverty through their investment and hard work. 

Sadly, today almost all cocoa farmers in the world are paid below cost. Adding to this bleak picture, most cocoa farmers are living below the poverty line and cheap bulk cocoa doesn’t improve their lives. Not many people know that fairtrade prices paid to farmers are set below cost. But with our cocoa at full production, each farmer will make the $3-a-day per family member minimum needed to cross the poverty threshold just from the fine cocoa. 

At this point families start to send their children to school, nutrition and health improves, and a new cycle starts. All our farmers have invested time and money in the Xoco project and adhere to very high professional standards. They should be paid accordingly. Xoco is proud to be a member of Direct Cacao, the organisation promoting directly traded fine cacao.


Every piece of chocolate or bag of beans can be traced back to the individual farmers who contributed to it. This permits full traceability from the consumer all the way back to the farmer. Through our QR-codes, you can, within seconds, see exactly who harvested the cocoa beans you have received from us.