Xoco is also offering couverture. This way we are in full control with the flavour from tree to chocolate and can optimize the process for the variety and bean. We are the only couverture maker who does this.

Our vision is to maximise the flavour potential that superior beans can bring to chocolate by controlling the entire process from tree to chocolate.

People connect with chocolate through taste. And you can only get authentic flavour when you grow the raw material: the cocoa beans.

Take wine. Winemakers can choose from distinct grape varieties – either single variety or blends of defined varieties. A Syrah grape will give a bold wine, for example. A Merlot a bit softer and elegant. Winemakers are also growers, which gives them control of flavour.

We are all that, just in chocolate. We select the varieties and grow them separately. In order to have full control of the flavour, we are both growers and chocolate producers. Like good wine, gourmet chocolate can offer amazing experiences and pleasure: Taste of fruit, nuts, tobacco, floral notes, an experience of complexity and aftertaste -- and much more.


We offer couverture our Mayan Red variety, grown in Honduras

  • 100% Cocoa
  • 85% Cocoa
  • 70% Cocoa
  • 48% Milk Chocolate
  • White chocolate, butter and powder 

All are full bodied chocolates with complex and distinct blends of dark fruit and honey. They have been carefully crafted from tree to chocolate. We offer full traceability to the individual farmer.